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Welcome to Mansión de Chocolate Hotel The oldest colonial mansion in the city of Granada, built by the former president Evaristo Carazo around the year 1860; invites you to enjoy an experience full of chocolate. Located less than 2 blocks from the central park, the only hotel with spa and pool and handmade chocolate factory. It conserves the majestic colonial architecture, with 5 spacious gardens. Decorated with exclusive artistic furniture for the hotel, which made an experience for our guests and visitors. Mansion de Chocolale awaits you, it is a pleasure to serve our visitors!

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Hotel Mansión de Chocolate, is the place and comfort of our guests It is our highest mission. We are committed to providing the best service and personal facilities for our Guests, who always enjoy a warm, relaxed and refined atmosphere. The experience at Mansion de Chocolate encourages the senses, instills well-being and fulfills even the Un expressed wishes and needs of our guests.

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- We always respond to the expressed desires and needs of our guests.
- We have the power to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.
- We continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the experience.
- We are characterized to immediately resolve the problems of the guests.

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Online bank transferThis option allows you to pay online and will issue your reservation confirmation once your bank's confirmation of successful payment is received. Wire transfer Also called bank transfer, a bank transfer allows you to make payments by phone, mail, online banking or even visiting your bank in person. Credit / debit car Depending on your country of departure, you can choose to pay your ticket using a credit or debit card.

Colonial Equipments

This exclusive hotel has 15 fully equipped rooms. Each Room is a short walk from the reception area, restaurant and pool. These are designed in a colonial style typical of the city. Among its most attractive aspects, in addition to the entire hotel concept, is the Choco Museum, opened since 2010, where you can enjoy a journey through the history of cocoa, from the years 2000 before Christ to the present, you will have the experience of experiencing our chocolate classes, from the seed to making your own bars and living a unique experience.

Interesting Activities

Hotel Mansión de Chocolate has opened 2018 with a new business promise: Multiple experiences, unforgettable moments !, and all the leisure proposal is oriented in that sense, with special packages for couples, families, groups of friends and others, who seek maximum tranquility, luxury and comfort, adventure, culture, tradition, nature, rural tourism, etc. In this information folder you will find additional material with older details of these alternative packages. Actividades

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